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Why Young Living Essential Oils? 

Producing the highest quality essential oils that are suitable for topical, inhalation and dietary use is both an art and a science. We love Young Living’s commitment to quality.   The fact they have their own farms in the United States and abroad to grow their own herbs and plants that are used to produce essential oils is HUGE. Young Living members can even participate in the planting and/or harvest to see how the oils are produced. This allows Young Living to control the quality process and carefully produce oils that are of maximum benefit for use with your body. There are no additives to maximize volume and profits, no corners cut to get an oil out, and continual research to understand for a particular herb the 'how' and 'when' and 'where' and other particulars of producing an oil that has the maximum profile of desirable constituents.

As an example, we recently examined a bottle of tea oil at a well–known food store that focuses on whole, healthy foods. The bottle was in a clear glass bottle and stated it had been bottled for this store in a particular location in California. We could not recommend a person use this oil for personal use because it’s unclear how the oil was produced, if there were chemical extractants used, or other undesirables. (Not to mention the clear transparent bottle where the risk of polymerization can occur for the oil in sunlight [especially]. You want your oils to be in a dark bottle.)
Another example was an examination of Ylang Ylang essential oil at another well-known grocery establishment focusing on high quality foods. The brand they carried noted the oil was produced outside the United States in a country of Africa. The bottle clearly stated it was for fragrant use, could irritate the skin and not for internal use.  We use essential oils to help ourselves, our families, and our customers. Young Living essential oils are produced with this goal in mind. A quality oil is not cheap so if you are going to use an oil for your health you have to know the oils you are using are THE BEST and produced for the purpose for which you intend to use it.

We and other health professionals we know that use essential oils in their practice ONLY use Young Living. We know that these oils produce results and we know and understand the company’s values to produce the absolute best in essential oils. If you would like to see and understand more of the high level processes Young Living uses in producing essential oils, we encourage you to go to YouTube and search on the key words ‘Young Living Seed to Seal’ to watch other videos that explain more about Young Living’s commitment to producing wonderful, exciting, life-changing essential oils.

If you want the best for YOUR health, consider joining us in using these wonderful products from the earth to support your emotional and physical health.
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