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The following resources and links are helpful for practitioners or resources or information for using Young Living Essential Oils.  (Of course, these resources know and recommend using only Young Living Essential Oils)
Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (C.A.R.E.)
Dr. David Stewart and his wife Lee are founders of this organization who at any given time through the week will have instructors all over the world teaching the use and application of essential oils for health and vitality.  For those that love and use essential oils we encourage you to subscribe to his periodic newsletter 'The Raindrop Messenger'.   The bookstore has a number of books, DVDs, and CDs available for sale.

Life Science Publishing
Like Abundant Health, Life Science Publishing carries a number of resources on the use of essential oils.  We especially like and recommend the Essential Oils Desk Reference, a 'must-have' on the back ground of essential oils, profiles of single oils and oil blends, dietary supplements with the use of essential oils and descriptions
We've heard Dr. Ed Close and his wife speak many times on the subject of mold remediation.     Ed has a very extensive background on the subject of mold and its affect on health.  Dr. Close was introduced to the concept of using Young Living Essential Oils professionally to eradicate mold from very problematic scenarios where commercial or conventional solutions were not successful.  He now teaches and provides consultation on using a much more economical solution of Young Living Essential Oil blend of Thieves (Clove,  Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon and Eucalyptus) , Essential Oil Accessories (e.g., Diffusers), Thieves products (e.g., Thieves Cleaner), and other recommended tools/protocols to remediate mold in a room, hold or business.    (of particular interest is concept from a workshop Dr. Close gave (that especially in mid-west sinus infections are NOT necessarily bacterial or viral in nature BUT can be fungal . . of which the ramifications for taking anti-biotics becomes clear).
Integrative Medicine of Paducah, KT

We Love Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrets approach to integrating both Eastern and Western approaches when treating her patients.  Additionally she has spoken at Young Living Conferences and Workshops on Women's issues.   She is a certified C.A.R.E. instructor and has introduced the concept of using vibrational therapy with raindrop through the use of tuning forks.  We have found her to be an excellent teacher and has a strong ability to articulate the pros and cons of various approaches in a balanced way.   If you are in the Paducah, KY or region a high-recommend to see her for professional health care.


We love to use tuning forks in conjunction with Young Living Essential Oils.  Vibrational Therapy is of course its own modality of restoring and supporting health.  Many have found Young Living Essential Oils a terrific complement to these tools for health.   Dr. Christi Bonds has some great resources in this area.    At a minimum obtain and get for yourself a mid-level Ohm tuning forks as a general all-purpose fork for using with these wondeful oils.

Dr. Melissa Shelton-Veterinarian

Dr. Shelton practices veterinary medicine in the state of MN.   Her own journey into the use of using Essential Oils with her animals started with her family.  She is the author of 'Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care' and most recently 'Animal Desk Reference Book'.  These are WONDERFUL resources for how to use Young Living Essential Oils for various health challenges you may have with your pets and animals.    Sign up for her newsletter.

Amaranth Counseling
Of course we MUST call out Amaranth Counseling.   Patty is FANTASTIC with Rapid Resolution Therapy.   We LOVE this paradigm change of clearing trauma, PTSD, anxiety, abuse (including sexual), in one or two sessions.  And as appropriate Patty will use aromatherapy with Young Living Essential Oils to aid the  process.
Gary Young Blog
D. Gary Young is founder of Young Living Essential Oils.  He often has articles and thoughts on the whole lifecycle of producing Young Living Oils.  His reads are always informative.
Gary Young Foundation
We've come to know Don and Jane Clair (who actually live in the St. Louis area) over the last several years.  We love their spirit and service.  Don is the director of the Gary Young Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals love, honor and live a healthy lifestyle.  They have done a NUMBER of good works all over the world helping with schools and others with health problems.   We love their work with the renovated school near the farm in Ecuador.
Class deck from 5/4 Dr. Mom/Dr. Dad class.  For educational purposes only. .  We hope this information is helpful for your strategy to support optimal health for you and your family.
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