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What Are Essential Oils?

First, a proper discourse on essential oils would require a book. This short section is an introduction to what an essential oil is. 

What are essential oils? Essential Oils are the collected liquid form of essential organic molecules that provide important support to plant processes. These components are within the petals, leaves, branches, stems, trunks, roots, and seeds in small amounts. However, through (usually) steam distillation they are collected and become highly concentrated. It may take one whole plant to produce one drop of an essential oil. In general, it takes a large amount (for example 10,000 liters) of material to produce a 5 gallon (19 liters)  quantity of essential oil. Some plants produce larger volumes of essential oils for a given amount of material, while some plants produce much less (which in turn affects cost).

Essential oils are different than seed oils, such as peanut, corn, or olive oil. Seed oils can go 'bad’ over time and they relatively do not have therapeutic value. Because of the long carbon chains in such oils, they tend to feel greasy/slippery and do not have the cell penetrating properties of essential oils.

Essential oils are made up of a number of different constituents in small and larger quantities. It is the collection of such molecules in total that contribute to the whole effectiveness of a pure oil.  

These are just some of the things we LOVE about pure authentic quality produced essential oils:

  • One essential oil does so many things. Do a Google search on ‘Young Living Lavender Essential Oil Uses’ and you’ll see a number of blogs and postings about ways to use this amazing all purpose essential oil.

  • Essential oils are synergistic and compliment one another to form amazing blends.

  • These oils help support both the physical functioning of the body AND the emotional aspect too!

  • Pure authentic oils work and process through the body so much easier and naturally than artificially produced (even though naturally occurring) substances.  

  • For those in professional healing practices (especially alternative health) Young Living essential oils will increase your effectiveness by complimenting your techniques and enhancing your work. EVERY alternative and complimentary health practitioners should learn how Young Living Oils can help them personally and professionally.

  • There are a number of individuals (and even Young Living themselves) that have produced short videos about essential oils. Key word searches on YouTube such as ‘Young Living Essential Oils Distillation (or) Harvesting’ will provide search results that are informative as well.

  • Learning how to use essential oils is a lifetime of study. We learn new things every month about new ways to use these magnificent aromatic oils for optimum health. 

[Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please don't misconstrue this information as a claim or guarantee that essential oils will prevent or cure disease. If you are dealing with something serious or under the supervision of a physician's care, please seek advice before using essential oils as a supplement to health. The best advice is to follow guides of use supplied by Young Living].

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